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Mohamed-Ali Mostfa

MOSTFA Ali is a linguist, PhD in English language and culture. He is a lecturer at the Catholic University of Lyon, where he teaches two courses on intercultural analysis and the analysis of the discourse of influence. At the intersection between literary studies and discourse analysis, his work focuses on religious, political and cultural imaginaries.

He is an associate researcher at the Centre for the Study of Cultures and Religions and a coordinating member of the PLURIEL platform (University Platform for Research on Islam in Europe and Lebanon).

He is Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Languages, Director of University Partnerships, and head of the research laboratory ERUDITT (Espace of Rresearch Uacademic on Dspeeches Iintercultural, the Traductology and the Terminology)

Member of the Research group

Université catholique de Lyon - France

Authority and Regulation in Islam (Lyon)

After a research programme on religious, Islamic and Biblical fundamentalism, and a deconstructivist approach to fundamentalism, we thought it was important to approach the notion of authority in link with religion, especially in Islamic context. Persons with authority or identified places of authority are not a simple process. This is all the more true in the Sunni Muslim tradition, the absence of a designation by the Prophet of an institution willing to regulate the religious questions will open the way to a plurality of modalities that may be of theological or theological-political nature.

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