CUCINIELLO Antonio - publié en Pologne - texte en anglais, 2019
Ref : Published in Folia Orientalia | 2019 | vol. LVI | (Polish Academy of Science) - Télécharger au format PDF

The object of the essay is prophecy in the Qur’ān, through the stories of the prophets
and the language they use. Specifically, the Qur’ānic narrative and Joseph’s speeches
have been systematically examined, with the intention of introducing a symmetrical
reading of the story between incidents and the specific language. Emphasis has been
placed on the philological aspects, by focusing the analysis on the Arabic version of
the Qur’ān, in order to try to draw up a personal profile of Joseph and, at the same
time, to attempt to counter an approach that claims to see all the Qur’ānic envoys only
in their instrumental function in the mission of Muḥammad.

Qur’ān, prophets, Joseph, language.